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On River---1995


4 June 2015: It is with some regret to inform you Missouri Breaks River Co. will no longer be doing commercial river trips. We will complete the Spring trips currently booked thru 12 June and that's it. There is a beginning, a middle and an end to everything and this will be the end of our commercial river trips. There are future plans for a trip guide so if you're inclined, check this web site from time to time.

Missouri Breaks River Co. has had the opportunity to take many wonderful clients on the river over 20 years time. I cannot begin to adequately thank those customers for their graciousness, good will, good fellowship and generosity. It has been a long, and extraordinary journey, and it has been my distinct privilege to show you this magnificent river; the intent from the very first thought.

Bill Marsik-Missouri Breaks River Co.

The boat on plane

Elizabeth and Cate put the LizCat on plane.

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